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EASYCARE (EC7060C4) Toilet Seat Riser with Safe Lock (Adds 4" to Height of Toilet)

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  • Advanced Technology: This Mask mesh nebulizer uses wave surge technology to break up the liquid medication into a fine mist for better inhalation.
  • Dual Atomization Mode: It has a DUAL ATOMIZATION mode which could be switched from uniform mode to micro-flow mode by pressing the button for 3 sec.
  • Auto-Off & One Button Operation: The device automatically shut-off after 10 minutes of no use. With one power button operation, it also has control buttons to increase & decrease the flow accordingly.
  • Auto Cleaning: It also has power-on automatic cleaning technology, when you start the device for use.
  • Mouthpiece/Mask: You can inhale directly through the mouthpiece or by the mask as per your specification. 


Designed for the comfort, EASYCARE Toilet Seat Riser/Commode Raiser is a perfect bathroom safety solution for those individuals who have difficulty sitting down or raising from the toilet seat. It raises the height of your toilet seat instead of raising the whole toilet or installing a new one.
The EASYCARE Toilet Commode Raiser is constructed with heavy-duty moulded plastic material which ensures maximum comfort along with strength and durability. This elevated toilet seat is suitable for senior adults, individuals with leg, knee, joint, or spine issues.

At EASYCARE, various styles of toilet commode raisers are available to choose as per your specific needs.

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