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EASYCARE (EC6012) Tubular Type Anti Decubitus Air Mattress with Air pump

Original price Rs. 9,999
Original price Rs. 9,999 - Original price Rs. 9,999
Original price Rs. 9,999
Current price Rs. 6,299
Rs. 6,299 - Rs. 6,299
Current price Rs. 6,299

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  • Delicate Massage: Alternate undulating air circulation performs a delicate massage to the body.
  • Non-toxic: Crafted with biocompatible materials which makes this mattress fungistatic and non-toxic to living tissues.
  • Adjustable Pressure & Low Noise: The efficient air pump has an adjustable pressure knob & operates in low noise for better sleep with no disturbance.
  •  Buckle Design: It has a Buckle design so that each airbag can be freely disassembled, and can be individually extracted or replaced.
  • Safe & Durable: The air bed is flame & water-resistant for safe & durable use.

Decubitus ulcers occur when a patient is bedridden for a long period of time, whether he is hospitalized, ill or unable to walk. The continuous pressure applied on the skin cuts off the blood flow and injures the cells.

EASYCARE presents you with an Anti Decubitus Air Mattress made of high-quality medical-grade Nylon with a tubular cell type pad recommended to prevent bedsores, decubitus & ulcers. It is perfect for the elderly, long-term bedridden patients, paralyzed & post-operative patients.

EASYCARE manufactures & supplies Tubular Type Anti Decubitus Air Mattress with an air pump that has been designed for use at home, nursing homes, and hospitals. It is more effective in the prevention of bedsores as compared to other air beds and it’s the most durable air mattress for everyday use.

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