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How to use a pulse oximeter Infographic

How to use a Pulse Oximeter: Step-by-step guide

A pulse oximeter is one of the best and most reliable devices to measure your blood oxygen (spO2) level and pulse rate. It is recommended by medical professionals to keep a check on your health, especially during these unprecedented times. The pulse oximeter indicates the issue with blood oxygen levels which could be related to covid-19.

Here’s the guide on how to use a pulse oximeter -

  1. Remove any artificial nails before using the pulse oximeter.
  2. Before taking the measurement, rest for at least 5 minutes.
  3. Make sure the batteries are inserted correctly as per the diagram.
  4. Turn ON the fingertip pulse oximeter & place it on your index or middle finger.
  5. Keep the oximeter in same spot for at least a minute if the reading is not stable.
  6. Record the accurate result once it has not changed for 5 seconds.
  7. Record your spO2 levels three times a day at the same time.
How to use a pulse oximeter infographic
Step-by-Step guide on how to use a pulse oximeter

Blood oxygen levels have become an important indicator for Covid-19 disease and its severity during this pandemic. If a person has a mild case of COVID-19 and is self-treating at home, an oximeter can be a helpful tool for tracking oxygen levels so that low blood oxygen levels can be detected early.

During this covid-19 pandemic, demand for pulse oximeter increased by a significant amount, and many cheap quality manufacturers took their rise.

At EASYCARE, we do not compromise on quality and we check our products on several parameters to provide the best product to our customers. It is recommended by medical experts for everyone to purchase atleast 1 pulse oximeter at home as it will be helpful during these concerning covid-19 pandemic. Get your fingertip pulse oximeter from EASYCARE and keep yourself & your loved ones away from the respiratory issues like covid-19 disease.

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