EASYCARE - Head Stethoscope for Medical and Home use

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M.R.P. 720.00

EASYCARE Classic Stethoscope is an economic stethoscope that has an aluminum sand anodized chest piece (corrosion-resistant) with a twistable diaphragm that permits you to access the standard low frequencies of a bell and the high frequencies of the diaphragm through easy adjustment in pressure.

  • Steel frame headset is comfortably angled for better examination.
  • It comes with free replacement parts for long-term use.
  • Beautifully designed with finest craft finish, it provides high acoustic sensitivity for optimum performance.
  • Soft sealing ear tips are adjustable & blocks external noises. ‘U’ shaped tubing is made from high quality (latex free) PVC which makes it durable.



A difference you can feel using EASYCARE’s Stethoscope. Buy your stethoscope – your pride now.

EASYCARE has been providing support and solutions to customers with multidimensional expertise and offering quality products since the past two decades.


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