EASYCARE - Self-Monitoring Talking Blood Glucose Meter

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EASYCARE (EC5904) Self-Monitoring Talking Blood Glucose Meter

Diabetes can lead to serious complications of health that is why it is mandatory to keep a check on your blood glucose levels.

EasyCare presents India’s first talking Blood Glucose Meter, which is one of the most accurate and fastest devices to self-monitor your blood glucose levels. It works on the electrochemical biosensor technology that gives completely reliable readings.

  • By simply applying the blood drop at the tip of the strip, you can get your results quickly in just 5 seconds on a large LCD screen and can hear the results too.
  • With an in-built memory set, it can store up to 480 test results with date & time to recall easily & track your measurements.
  • It keeps a check on the blood glucose trends and indicates any high or low blood glucose patterns.
  • The volume of blood sample required for testing is just 6µl & No coding is required to use the meter for your convenience.
  • The device also indicates low battery as well as error indicator for reliable performance.
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Designed for self-monitoring of blood glucose, the EASYCARE Blood glucose meter is ideal for home, healthcare & professional use. The device comes with 2 AAA batteries, 10 glucose test strips, a lancing device, 10 lancets, a carrying case, and a warranty card ensuring a hassle-free lifetime warranty.

Self Monitoring Blood Glucose Monitor (1st TALKING METER IN INDIA)
Blood Glucose Monitor
2 Alkaline Battery
50 Test Strips
Lancing Device
10 Lancets
User’s Manual
Warranty Card
Carrying Bag

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