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  • As a pioneer in blood pressure measurement, our products must meet the highest
    demands. for the past 125 years, the name eRKA. has stood for reliability and professionalism
    at its best.
    for example: the “erkameter 3000”. Before its delivery, it undergoes the eRKA. Quality
    Management Check, abbreviated QMC. A total of 49 individual controls, from material
    testing to comprehensive function inspections, ensure the perfection that you can rely on.
    • The capillary, which is designed in a rectangular form and is shatter-resistant, guarantees the most precise readout of values without parallax errors and also benefits the environment by saving 40% of the mercury.
    • When closing the device, the automatic safety allows the mercury to drain completely from the capillary to the tank, thereby ensuring safe transport.
    • The robust housing made of ABs is stable, secure and impact resistant.
    • A modern air fi lter regulates the pressure and, when used properly, protects the user before discharge of mercury.
    • The eRKA. selection of GReen Cuff cuffs is comprehensive. they are skin-friendly, biocompatible and represent optimal wearer comfort.