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  • As a pioneer in blood pressure measurement, for 125 years ERKA. has been supporting millions of
    physicians worldwide in their daily work. We have combined these experiences, based on the trust of
    our users, in an innovative digital blood pressure monitor for physicians. Absolute precision, the latest
    scientific measurement methods – validated according to the strict protocol of the European Society of
    Hypertension (ESH) – and perfected designs: this is the Erkameter 125 PRO.
    The individual measurement methods PREVENTION, DIALOGUE and CLASSIC complement each other
    and were developed in close accordance with the recommendations of the ESH and the daily demands
    of everyday medical practice. The Erkameter 125 PRO reliably detects any arising motion artifacts and
    heart rhythm disorders. In addition, the innovative design and easy handling of the Erkameter 125 PRO
    enables use in virtually every routine medical situation.
    Whether in the hospital or in the doctor's office – each routine physical examination starts with a thorough
    measurement of blood pressure. The Erkameter E 125 PRO quickly and accurately determines blood pressure
    with a fully automatic single measurement. The integrated memory documents up to 500 measured
    values. These are then clearly displayed and available for further processing and analysis.
    Accurate blood pressure measurement in routine practice is even more convenient in the measuring mode
    – Dialogue. The measurement is fully automatic and the blood pressure value is calculated from the
    average of two single measurements in accordance with the “Guidelines for the prevention, detection,
    diagnosis and treatment of arterial hypertension” by the German Hypertension League. This scientifically
    based approach corresponds to the conventional understanding of correct medical blood pressure measurement
    and provides results which are a well-founded basis for any medical treatment discussion.
    The CLASSIC measurement mode supports the physician in his or her profession. The measurement is
    taken by auscultation with the stethoscope; only the pumping and memory is undertaken by the Erkameter
    E 125 PRO.
    Three memory areas are available to the user – each with 500 memory locations – corresponding to the
    modes PREVENTION, DIALOGUE and CLASSIC. Intuitive menu navigation, exemplary readability
    and a clear display of the measured values emphasize the user-friendly device design of the Erkameter E
    125 PRO.
    Data transfer
    Designed for integration into your existing practice or clinic software, the Erkameter E 125 PRO meets
    the technical requirements for unhindered data exchange between the device and the electronic patient