About Us

EasyCare is established in the year 2003 with success of the latter firm named M. K Agencies since 1994 which is now Ranish Impex Pvt. Ltd., also there are other additions like Bhagwatti Impex & Param International. All the entities are now conglomerate of EasyCare Group.The operations of the group is in to healthcare & surgical distribution. Easy Care has been established to lead the group with different focused operations in respective feilds by Mr. Kishorbhai Thakker, Mr. Parag Thakker, Mr. Manish Thakker, In today's era the distribution of required products is not sufficient as consumer expectations have gone up for better quality, price and service. The change in the pattern as brought channel partners to work towards modern way of distribution than the traditional ones. Day by Day modernization, Up gradation of technology are enhanced to provide best quality products to the end user. The brand EasyCare has been a thought evolved with practical experience of years in the field of healthcare and product development, with basic principle to provide a platform for the people.

The operational and functional expertise are involved in various disciplines as supply chain management, distribution, logistics, inventory, marketing & sales, customer relations, finance, and back support systems etc. Emphasis on providing range, selections, support and solutions to the buyer. Customer centric approach with multidimensional expertise and quality product is the base of EasyCare. We bring you the world's best products to because you deserve it.